Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Find a 2008 Presidential Campaign Political Speech or Commercial

Google's Speech Search can help you find words or phrases in 2008 Presidential campaign political speeches and commercials. For example, just type in some word, and it will find places where that word was used by McCain or Obama (or any politician with video in YouTube). You might notice that sometimes the highlighted/found portion of the speech or commercial is not exactly the exact moment where it was said. (At least as of time of writing, the highlighted portion of the video sometimes came immediately before the actual usage of the term.) It is a smart search, though. I typed "battery" and it found Obama saying "batteries". I typed "solar" and it found a reference to solar energy in a campaign commercial. I typed "butt" and found Obama saying "but". But :) it is usually pretty close. (Hugh Atkin references this link in a post about his use of Google Video Search to make BarackRoll. This was referenced in #10 in the Top 10 YouTube Hacks.)

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