Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Install Windows XP in VMWare on OS X

I had previously installed Parallels on OS X 10.4 that I created from a .dmg that came from another developer, which I had burned as a DVD so that Parallels could recognize it. However, VMWare Fusion didn't automatically recognize that DVD to allow me to install Windows XP. I just tried creating a new VM/image in VMWare by pointing it at that DVD, and it didn't work. The other option was to use an image, so I tried using the instructions I found here to create an iso image since DiskUtility (UI) didn't make it really obvious how to create an .iso (I don't think you can do that in OS X 10.4). After creating the .iso I pointed VMWare at it, and it at least started up the VM, but the .iso that was created (which seemed to be a little small and was created a bit too quickly to seem real) was not a good image of the WinXP Pro DVD. So, then I went into Settings in the open VM, chose Removable Devices -> CD/DVD and select radio button next to Specify physical CD/DVD drive, and chose my drive, clicked OK, and then went to Virtual Machine (menu bar)-> Restart Guest, and then it started back up and booted into the Windows XP install. It seemed wierd that creating a new VMWare VM for Windows XP whilst trying to point it at the DVD drive containing a valid Windows XP Professional DVD would have worked the first time, but this roundabout way of pointing VMWare first at a bad iso, just to get the VM to start up, and then swapping the VM to point at the DVD drive with a restart of the VM worked for me.

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