Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Free Online Courses and Courseware from Stanford Engineering, MIT, UC Berkeley

Stanford School of Engineering has made available a number of online courses here through the program Stanford Engineering Everywhere, including the following (as of 2008/09/17): Introduction to Computer Science: * Programming Methodology — CS106A * Programming Abstractions — CS106B * Programming Paradigms — CS107 Artificial Intelligence: * Introduction to Robotics — CS223A * Natural Language Processing — CS224N * Machine Learning — CS229 Linear Systems and Optimization: * The Fourier Transform and its Applications — EE261 * Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems — EE263 * Convex Optimization I — EE364A * Convex Optimization II — EE364B (course links here) In addition, Massachusetts Institute of Technology has an huge amount of courseware for courses (basically online courses' material) including the following departments (as of 2008/09/17): * Aeronautics and Astronautics * Anthropology * Architecture * Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation * Biological Engineering * Biology * Brain and Cognitive Sciences * Chemical Engineering * Chemistry * Civil and Environmental Engineering * Comparative Media Studies * Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences * Economics * Electrical Engineering and Computer Science * Engineering Systems Division * Experimental Study Group * Foreign Languages and Literatures * Health Sciences and Technology * History * Linguistics and Philosophy * Literature * Materials Science and Engineering * Mathematics * Mechanical Engineering * Media Arts and Sciences * Music and Theater Arts * Nuclear Science and Engineering * Physics * Political Science * Science, Technology, and Society * Sloan School of Management * Special Programs * Urban Studies and Planning * Women's and Gender Studies * Writing and Humanistic Studies (course links here) UC Berkeley also has many webcasts available of its courses. (Note: Info on Stanford's and Berkeley's courses was posted on DeviceGuru and Slashdot.)

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