Monday, October 6, 2008

Make PDFs and Word Documents Smaller with Freeware CutePDF for Windows

If you need to shrink PDFs/reduce PDF file size/make PDFs smaller or shrink Microsoft Word docs/reduce doc file size/make docs smaller, try the freeware utility CutePDF Writer for Windows. Installing it will add a "CutePDF" printer that you can print to which will create a PDF file that can be much smaller in size than the original document. I also use it to create a PDF version of my resume and any other word documents I want to turn into PDFs. Note that I don't mean that it will reduce a word doc to a smaller word doc, but I mean that it can take large PDFs and word docs that have (for example) huge images, and reduce them to a smaller PDF that you can more easily share (email/post on the web) or store. It does a very good job of picture reductions via this method. I know it has been used successfully on marketing material where it was key to have good quality and there was no noticeable pixelation.

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