Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Error occurred: too many HTTP redirects" error in Dejal Simon with uPortal 2.5.3

I just figured out an issue with Dejal Simon 2.4.2 monitoring uPortal 2.5.3 and thought I'd share, because it might apply to others as well. The Simon tests we were using had recorded previous cookies (__utma, __utmb, __utmz, NSC_9803..., WT_FPC) which may have had to do with our Webauth here (or maybe is uPortal, don't know). After a reboot of the computer (MacPro1,1 Dual-core Xeon, Panther) after the latest OS X update, whenever it tried to access the uPortal sites, it got into an infinite redirect loop (it was getting "Error occurred: too many HTTP redirects"). When I removed the cookies from the tests that had that error, the tests started working again. I know that removing cookies won't always help the "Error occurred: too many HTTP redirects" situation (sometimes it might be a valid error!), but just thought I'd offer this as a possible fix if anyone else runs into this. I had gotten sidetracked a bit in the process because I also learned that Simon sends out the user-agent header "Simon2043 CFNetwork/422.11 Darwin/9.6.0 (i386) (MacPro1%2C1)", and when I used the Modify Headers plugin in Firefox 3.0.5 to send that user-agent, uPortal returned a page saying it didn't recognize the user-agent and asking the client to choose WML or HTML. But, I guess that Simon has been getting that page all along which is ok because we just need a quick test to make sure the webapp is up. Hope this helps someone else, Gary Also posted this solution here: * http://www.dejal.com/forums/2008/12/30/error-occurred-too-many-http-redirects-fixed-our-case-removing-cookies-tests

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