Monday, April 27, 2009

Simple and Straightforward Way to Improve Estimation and Flow of Software Development or Any Work with Minimal Resources Required Revisited

Earlier I posted a simple and straightforward method to improve estimation and flow of software development or any work with minimal resources required. Since I've been practicing this method more, I've come up with a few more notes and observations:

* When you run out of space in the whiteboard, first record the task continuity percentages at the top of the board, wiping away older ones to make room. Then wipe away some of the oldest tasks except for your running averages and blocked tasks. Mark blocked tasks with a star, so you can focus on them until they're done.

* If you did not estimate the tasks, be sure to mark who estimated them. You may choose not to include these.

* If you have too many blocked tasks to fit more new tasks on the board, do what you can to eliminate these before moving on. If needed, move blocked tasks to a separate tracking system.

* The goal is to single-task. You might even choose to not track estimates or not track running totals, as the most important statistic is task continuity percentage.

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