Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Install Latest Subversion/Update Subversion in OS X

Using Macports, you can have the latest version of the subversion client on your mac. The following is the long winded version for those that might already have some or all of the mac ports stuff installed. Ignore errors uninstalling things that don't exist.
sudo port deactivate sqlite3
sudo port clean --work sqlite3
sudo port install sqlite3
sudo port -f uninstall apr
sudo port clean --all apr
sudo port install apr
sudo port clean --work apr-util
sudo port -f uninstall apr-util
sudo port install apr-util
sudo port clean --work neon
sudo port install neon
sudo port clean --work subversion
sudo port install subversion
Thanks to John Griffith's (red91's) post on this and especially to Mark LeBay's comment that this is copied/pasted from.

Also, see this post on how to get Macports into your path, otherwise you'll continue using the old svn client.

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