Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Check the Helper When the Attribute in the ActiveScaffold Edit Pane Appears Default to Wrong Value

We were using ActiveScaffold to provide a UI for the CRUD operations and had an issue where the wrong value was being populated in a select box in the edit view. At first, I thought that the issue was that it was getting the value from the :default (specified in schema/migration and pulled from DB because table had set that column to default to the same value), but that turned out to be a coincidence.

The issue that Paul D. found was that the helper that was populating the valid values of the select box had a bug in it such that it was setting the wrong value.

For example:

module MyTripHelper
  def vehicle_type_form_column(record, input_name)
    select_tag input_name, options_for_select(MyTrip::VALID_VEHICLE_TYPES, record.vehicle_type) # record.vehicle_type was mistakenly set to something else!

It seems obvious, but it is good not to forget to check its helper code (and don't forget to check application_helper.rb, too).

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