Monday, March 1, 2010

HotCocoa/MacRuby Links

Here are some links to help you get started with HotCocoa development as of 2010/03/01:

MacRuby Intro

HotCocoa Tutorials

HotCocoa Examples

Pretty pictures made by HotCocoa (must see)

More HotCocoa Graphics

MacRuby Examples

MacRuby/HotCocoa Source


Update 2010/06/10

Dan Sinclair (see his fork of HotCocoa) provided some links and an update via an email on the MacRuby-devel mailing list. Here is what he said:

I've got a few tutorials and github apps that I've written with HotCocoa. I kinda stopped poking at it as I wasn't sure what the future held and decided to switch to straight up MacRuby/Cocoa for my last app.


* (Amazon EC2 Instance Browser)
* (Start of a news reader)
* (The app from the heating up tutorials)


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