Monday, May 3, 2010

OS X 10.6.2/Snow Leopard Login Issues

I tried to login to OS X 10.6.2/Snow Leopard multiple times this morning into the black background login from the screensaver and got rejected every time. I rebooted, then had to login both in the main boot login screen and the black login screen. I usually would only have to login once via the main boot login after a restart.

If you have this trouble also, I suggest holding down the power button until the Mac goes off, press it again after it is off to start it back up, then login (as many times as necessary) to get in.

My first thought was that it was a virus/trojan/worm/some kind of malware, or I got hacked. I'm still not ruling those out, but it is suspicious that others on Twitter are reporting similar issues. Wondering if it is related to a recent update from Apple?

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