Thursday, May 20, 2010

Unplutofy Cleans web.xml and portlet*.tlds from Your Portlet Wars

Just wrote Unplutofy, which includes an Ant task, Maven plugin, Command-line tool, and Java API to clean Apache Pluto additions to Portlet wars. What it does is fairly simple, but there wasn't anything in Pluto or uPortal that did this already.

Why do this?

Sometimes you may want to redeploy a portlet war that has already been deployed into a different version of a portal that has a different Pluto version. Since Pluto can be used (in uPortal via deployPortletApp, at least in past versions) to just tack on servlet and servlet-mapping tags to the web.xml without making sure that the old ones from past versions (or even current versions) are removed (see PLUTO-576), it is helpful to know there is a way to revert the wars to the un-plutofied state.

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