Thursday, June 3, 2010

Grammar Checking in OS X 10.6/Snow Leopard

There are so many features in OS X 10.6.3 that I like, but there is one that is extremely deficient: grammar checking. I would much rather have correct my grammar mercilessly. Instead, it lets grammar pass that would make almost anyone with any knowledge of English grammar guffaw. (Sorry for using the word "guffaw". Guffawing is just something I imagine a grammarian would do.)

Having something is sometimes better than nothing. For example, as noted in a post that describes how to turn OS X grammar checking on, it knows "With regards to" is incorrect and has a tip that states "Is this an error for 'With regard to'? Try 'Concerning' or 'About' instead."

However, the appearance that it is checking your grammar is misleading. If I type the following, "With regard to trees, I like apple yet than this is not a grammatically correct sentence come on please please please you need to at least notice some grammatical mistake here.", it checks out. Huh? If you want a real grammar checker in OS X, you might just buy Grammarian or a similar product.

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