Monday, June 24, 2013

Use Autolog.js to Trace JavaScript Call Execution to console.log

If you need something to log a trace of call executions to console.log in JavaScript to avoid having to debug by hand, try Autolog.js.

Autolog.js logs executions to console.log, showing instances, argument types, caller stack line and/or full caller stack, and with optionally elipsized function bodies.

This allows you see what is going on to a limited extent as Javascript is executed, similar to a trace log to console.

Example output in Chrome's JavaScript Console:

[object NamedNodeMap].toString ()  source: at isArrayLike ( 
undefined.anonymous ((object)[object Attr], (number)0)  source: at forEach (
undefined.anonymous ((object)$compile,$parse,function ($compile, $parse) {...}, (string)"select")  source: at forEach (

Original direction came from this answer from HBP on StackOverflow.

I liked being able to use the Autolog tracing tool I wrote for Ruby as a wrapper around set_trace_func, so I wanted to add somewhat similar functionality to JavaScript.

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