Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How to Block Google Doodles/Google Logos

As described in part here, here are some ways to avoid animated Google Doodles and logos in your search page:

Using an ad blocker such as AdBlock for Chrome or Adblock Plus for Firefox, specify the following manual filters. In AdBlock in Chrome/OS X go to Chrome -> Window (menu) -> Extensions -> AdBlock: Options link -> Customize (web-based tab) -> click Edit next to Manually edit your filters -> Enter the following and click Save. In Firefox/OS X go to Tools -> Adblock Plus -> Filter preferences -> Custom filters -> Add filter:


This may not stop all Doodles, but for me it has blocked the majority of the them so far.

It makes a beautiful search page:

Or, you can use one of the following:

  • - note: as of 2013/09/13, there was no https version, and it showed a warning at the bottom when using Chrome, which is annoying, but it shouldn't happen if using Firefox: "You're not on the latest version of Firefox. Upgrade today to get the best of the Web".

There obviously many other solutions, e.g. creating your own static search page, using iGoogle, etc. but I like the combination of ad blocking and Google Doodle/logo blocking so much, I had to share.

2015-12-20 - If you're having trouble with sites like blocking ad blockers, try the anti-adblocker blocker.

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