Friday, November 14, 2014

How to Solve Mac Pro Problems on Boot (HDMI and Display Port Display Problems and Yosemite Upgrade)

How to fix two problems our team has had with the Mac Pro (2014):
  • We had a wierd display issue causing a lock-up (or freeze) on boot. We found out this was caused by connecting to two monitors via HDMI and display port. By getting another display port cable and connecting to both display via display port, all works great. (Note: the genius bar took a look and had said that the Mac Pro was a niche product of Apple and that it would probably take a long time to work out what the issue causing this was, etc.)
  • We had a computer that on boot on start of Mavericks to Yosemite upgrade would show a grey screen for 10 minutes and then the apple and then a few minutes later would reboot, and would continue to do this. Attempting to use shift (safe mode boot), zapping PRAM, and recovery boot (command-R) did not work. We noticed when using command-v (thanks to Tommy for remembering that) it was stuck after showing the second period of efi in verbose mode. A co-worker had a long support call with Apple and they gave up and directed him to a local Apple affiliate for support. We determined this was caused by using the USB output of a Dell monitor (which had a built-in USB hub to allow for Bluetooth peripherals- a keyboard and mouse). Unplugging everything except the monitor and using a wired keyboard and switching the port that was used for display port fixed this problem and allowed it to continue (start) the upgrade process.

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