Thursday, December 17, 2015

Blogger is Dead?

According to a post on Next Web, Blogger is dead:

Last time we wrote a roundup of publishing platforms in 2013, there were a number of options that appeared that didn’t make it this time. Here’s a quick overview of why:

Google+: It’s fairly obvious why you shouldn’t be publishing on Google Plus, but if you weren’t aware, it’s not doing particularly well as the company has neglected it in recent times, even splitting off some of its services.

Quora: It’s a place you can blog if you really want, but that’s not all that popular anymore. You’re better off moving somewhere new.

Blogger: This platform is dead. Google might insist that it isn’t, but the company also isn’t putting any effort into it at all and hasn’t for a number of years. It’s not a safe bet.

Facebook Notes: Do you really want to be that person in your friend circle that’s blogging on Facebook?

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