Monday, May 30, 2016

Alan Kay's Reading List

Thought this was interesting. Alan Kay of PARC, etc. fame prepared a reading list for his students, as listed here on Squeakland. Please visit that page for links, but I've listed here just as a backup copy.

Technology & Media

  • Gutenberg Galaxy by MARSHALL MCLUHAN
  • Understanding Media by MARSHALL MCLUHAN
  • The Myth of the Machine by LEWIS MUMFORD
  • Technics and Civilization by LEWIS MUMFORD
  • Technology, Management,and Society by PETER DRUCKER
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship by PETER DRUCKER
  • Amusing Ourselves to Death by NEIL POSTMAN
  • The Disappearance of Childhood by NEIL POSTMAN
  • Conscientious Objections by NEIL POSTMAN

Learning & Creativity

  • The Psychology of the Child by JEAN PIAGET
  • To Understand is to Invent by JEAN PIAGET
  • Thought and Language by LEV VYGOTSKY
  • Mind in Society by LEV VYGOTSKY
  • The Psychology of Art by LEV VYGOTSKY
  • Towards a Theory of Instruction by JEROME BRUNER
  • The Relevance of Education by JEROME BRUNER
  • Instead of Education by JOHN HOLT
  • Teach Your Own by JOHN HOLT
  • Essays into Literacy by FRANK SMITH
  • Lateral Thinking by EDWARD de BONO
  • Six Thinking Hats by EDWARD de BONO
  • The Inner Game of Tennis by TIM GALLWEY
  • Nurtured by Love by SHINICHI SUZUKI
  • The Secret of Childhood by MARIA MONTESSORI
  • School and Society by JOHN DEWEY
  • Freedom and Culture by JOHN DEWEY
  • Act of Creation by ARTHUR KOESTLER
  • The Ghost in the Machine by ARTHUR KOESTLER
  • Mindstorms by SEYMOUR PAPERT
  • The Childrens' Machine by SEYMOUR PAPERT

Anthropology & Psychology

  • Myths to Live By by JOSEPH CAMPBELL
  • The Masks of God by JOSEPH CAMPBELL
  • Language and Species by DEREK BICKERTON
  • The Psychology of Literacy by SILVIA SCRIBNER & MIKE COLE
  • The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by JULIAN JAYNES
  • The Interpretation of Cultures by CLIFFORD GEERTZ
  • Beyond Boredom and Anxiety by MIHALY CSIKSZENTMIHALY
  • New World, New Mind by ROBERT ORNSTEIN & PAUL ERLICH
  • Maps of the Mind by CHARLES HAMPTON-TURNER
  • Man and his Symbols by CARL JUNG
  • Modern Woman in Search of a Soul by CARL JUNG
  • Society of Mind by MARVIN MINSKY
  • Archetypes by ANTHONY STEVENS


  • Timeaus by PLATO
  • Republic by PLATO
  • History of Western Philosophy by BERTRAND RUSSELL
  • Human Knowledge, Its Scope and Limits by BERTRAND RUSSELL
  • Sceptical Essays by BERTRAND RUSSELL
  • The Passion of the Western Mind by RICHARD TARNAS
  • Ascent of Man by JACOB BRONOWSKI
  • Wisdom, Information & Wonder by MARY MIDGLEY
  • Science as Salvation by MARY MIDGLEY
  • The Human Condition by HANNAH ARENDT
  • Science and Sanity by COUNT KORZYBSKI
  • Science is not Enough by VANNEVAR BUSH
  • What I Believe by MARK BOOTH (Ed)
  • Te-Tao Ching by LAO-TZU
  • Zen Mind, Beginners' Mind by SHUNRYU SUZUKI

Art & Perception

  • Civilisation by KENNETH CLARK
  • What is a Masterpiece by KENNETH CLARK
  • Art and Illusion by ERNST GOMBRICH
  • Eye and Brain by RICHARD GREGORY
  • Visual Thinking by RUDOLF ARNHEIM


  • Notes on a Synthesis of Form by CHRISTOPHER ALEXANDER
  • Gossamer Odyssey by MORTON GROSSER
  • The Living Brain by W. GRAY WALTER
  • The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by EDWARD TUFTE
  • Envisioning Information by EDWARD TUFTE

Science & Mathematics

  • The Machinery of Life by DAVID GOODSELL
  • The Ring of Truth by PHILIP MORRISON
  • The Animal in Its World by NIKO TINBERGEN
  • Relativity Visualized by L.C. EPSTEIN
  • Engines of Creation by ERIC DREXLER
  • The Blind Watchmaker by RICHARD DAWKINS
  • The Selfish Gene by RICHARD DAWKINS
  • Dragons of Eden by CARL SAGAN
  • Broca's Brain by CARL SAGAN
  • Neuroethology by EWERT
  • The Character of Physical Law by RICHARD FEYNMAN
  • The God Particle by LEON LEDERMAN
  • From Quarks to Cosmos by LEON LEDERMAN
  • The Double Helix by JAMES WATSON
  • Fractal Geometry by BENOIT MANDELBROT

Politics & Economy

  • An American Primer by DANIEL BOORSTIN
  • The Americans by DANIEL BOORSTIN
  • The Federalist Papers by MADISON, et al
  • The Anti-Federalist Papers by RALPH KETCHAM (Ed)
  • Common Sense by TOM PAINE
  • The Rights of Man by TOM PAINE
  • The Age of Reason by TOM PAINE
  • An Aristocracy of Everyone by BENJAMIN BARBER
  • The Zero Sum Society by LESTER THUROW
  • Economics Explained by LESTER THUROW
  • Head to Head by LESTER THUROW
  • Made in America by MIKE DERTUOZOS (Ed)


  • Building Large Knowledge-Based Systems by DOUG LENAT
  • LISP 1.5 Manual (MIT Press) by JOHN McCARTHY
  • Computation: Finite and Infinite Machines by MARVIN MINSKY
  • The Architecture Machine by NICHOLAS NEGROPONTE
  • Soft Architecture Machines by NICHOLAS NEGROPONT

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